Pay bar

Our bar staff will arrive with everything needed to run a cash bar for your special event.This will include a fully set up mobile bar with chilled draught  beers, lagers, ciders, bottled lagers, ciders, alcopops, wine, champagne, soft drinks and a wide range of spirits, shots and mixers. Alcohol licenses are also provided by us at no extra charge.

Half bar

If you want to treat your guests this option is perfect, we simply run a tab for however much you set and when we reach the agreed amount we will start charging the guests for the drinks they consume thereafter. A simple way to treat your guests without breaking the bank.

Full bar

Full bar would be your option if you don't want your guests to pay for their beverages, we keep a tab going and at the end of the night you will settle the payment. 

Waiter service

Drinks on arrival :

What a fabulous way to treat your guests, let our professional staff greet your guests with champagne on arrival.

We believe at your special event you should be spoilt and there is no better way than through our professional waiter service.  Why not have our talented staff take care of you and your guests adding a touch of luxury to your day.